DisplayPoints for restaurants
Yes! DisplayPoints devices are made of rugged material. The screen is protected by a tough Lexan faceplate that is sealed against most ordinary spills. In normal use, DisplayPoints devices require only an occasional wipe-down with mild glass and surface cleaner. With hundreds of devices already proven in field testing for more than a year, you can rely on DisplayPoints to survive in real-world environments.
Do customers like DisplayPoints devices on the table?
No! Using DisplayPoints is easy. Simply put it out with the salt and pepper when you open and put it back in the charger at the end of the day. There's nothing else to do. DisplayPoints' built in battery lasts for 15+ hours so you won't need to worry about your customers outlasting the device.
Nothing. DisplayPoints is entirely advertiser funded. We'll provide the devices and the charging system at no cost to you. You can customize the information modules and you get full control over the advertising content which you can use to promote your business. However if you choose not to include advertising there is a payment model to provide your own exclusive content.
Are DisplayPoints devices tough enough to withstand constant use?
What does it cost to implement DisplayPoints advertising?
Does DisplayPoints require changing our business processes or require a lot of extra work from my staff?
Take your promotional advertising to the next level
Yes! 93% of customers surveyed say they like the devices and the content on their table. The overall experience is enhanced and customers keep coming back for more.
Calculate your revenue increase with DisplayPoints
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase food and beverage sales
  • Collect valuable data
  • Create your own information modules
...all at no cost to you!
How can DisplayPoints
help my business?
DisplayPoints is one of the most effective way to reach customers. With an average dinner lasting 45 minutes to an hour your ad will be seen multiple times. And because your audience has time to wait engagment levels are high. Customers have overwhelmingly indicated their acceptance of the kiosk and have expressed high levels of intent to purchase based on DisplayPoints advertising. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.