DisplayPoints customizable modules
DisplayPoints Features
Network Overview
DisplayPoints is an effective patent pending digital media network providing interactive content and information directly to consumers at the point of presence. Ideal locations for DisplayPoints include: restaurant and bar tables, shelf space, casino restaurants and bars.
  • A small 5" x 7" footprint allows DisplayPoints to fit on any table or bar
  • An attractive, ergonomic design complements any decor
  • The interactive touch screen allows customers to interact with the display
  • Content is updated wirelessly and automatically
  • Content and advertising is managed with the DisplayPoints web portal
  • Displays are cordless and rechargeable with a 15 hour+ life
Customizable Content and Modules
DisplayPoints features information and interactive modules that encourage users to interact with the advertising. Restaurant owners can chose the content that appears on the bottom of the display. Choose from popular modules including sports, news, local weather or create a game to engage your customers. We can even customize modules based on your needs. Contact us today to learn more.