Experiential Marketing: Engage Your Audience
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Products We Offer:

Event Marketing:

We have live-branded events such as mobile tours and mall tours. And, it's an important part of marketing your brand. Our research shows that well designed events can increase product purchase intent by 21 percent! It's a great way to drive up sales.

Co-Marketing Partnerships:

In order to help build, or enhance brand quality, generate excitement and help offset expenses, we develop strategically based co-marketing partners. These relationships enable us to provide the best possible options for our clients.

Product Sampling:

Experiential Marketing puts your product in the hands of the consumer. We bring it out to the public and get people talking. We've found that sometimes all people need is to be introduced.

Database Acquisition:

To know what works for your brand, you have to track the results. We capture names and email addressed, as well as encouraging opt-in sections. We then manage it all and provide full performance reporting.

Promotional Concepts:

We custom develop promotional pieces in order to meet your brand objectives. With carefully thought out reasoning, we create things like sweepstakes and bounce-back programs to support retailers.

Street Teams:

Going out to where the people are has a big impact. And you can leave it to us to handle all "Casting" and permits for these activities. Plus, we do all the data gathering, reporting, and management to ensure a successful promotional event.