DisplayPoints for advertisers
Break throught the clutter and engage customers at the point of purchase. DisplayPoints is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. With an average dinner lasting 45 minutes to an hour your ad will be seen multiple times. And because your audience has time to wait engagment levels are high. Customers have overwhelmingly indicated their acceptance of the kiosk and have expressed high levels of intent to purchase based on DisplayPoints advertising. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.
Examples for advertisers
  • Captive audience
  • Interactive ads
  • Precise targeting ability
  • Reach customers at the point of purchase
How can DisplayPoints
help me reach customers?
Reach a truly captive audience
With DisplayPoints your ads are in front of a targeted audience for the length of the meal - an average of 45-60 minutes
Effectively target the right audience
Target your audience by demographics, geopgraphy, venue and even by table
Engage customers with your message
With DisplayPoints ads are truly interactive. Use the touch screen to provide further information, offer direct response components and even customized content or games.
Use flexible creative to craft the right message at the right time
DisplayPoints allows you to customize ads for specific audiences, dayparts or advertising goal. Ads are priced very competitively no matter how you choose your audience.
Update advertising in real-time on your schedule
With DisplayPoints you can update your advertising or change it at any time. Your changes are updated in real-time via the DisplayPoints web portal.
Reach your perfect audience cost effectively
With DisplayPoints peak advertising times and targeted advertising does not cost more. There is no premium daypart pricing and ads are priced very competitively no matter how you choose your audience.
Match your promotions to the precise area you need to reach
With DisplayPoints you get precise control over reach and frequency of impressions by updating your choices at any time via the DisplayPoints web portal.
Take advantage of DisplayPoints' visual appeal
DisplayPoints provides direct response and measurement capabilities.
Deliver ROI on your advertising investment
The DisplayPoints are attractive and fit well in any decor. They also stand out and operate in an environment that is not cluttered with other advertisements.